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Stella Wulf was born in England, grew up in North Wales and now lives in France with her husband and a menagerie of animals.  Always an avid reader, especially of poetry, the impetus to write came from an unlikely source.  Having spent most of her adult life up to her oxsters in plaster and paint she found that the physical aspect of house restoration afforded plenty of time for rumination.  One day, whilst painting up old doors and musing on their past lives, she had what she described as ‘a Eureka moment.’  The floodgates of imagination opened, she started to write and has never looked back. “You just never know what’s hidden away inside you,” Stella says.

Stella Wulf is the author of ‘The Song of the Froom,’ ‘The Lonesome Froom and other Strange Tales’ and ‘Rum Rhymes and Vagabond Verse.’

About Stella Wulf